Business opportunities in the organic food sector: regulatory aspects, labeling, distribution in Italy and abroad

24/11/2020 - B/Open Digital Edition

Market for organic products in Europe is growing every day more, and has reached a value of over 40 billion Euros.

Over the past few years the increase was led by large scale distribution, where the number of organic products has increased exponentially. This industry presents certainly relevant opportunities for development and consolidation for suppliers and distributors, but critical aspects and complexities as well, such as the regulatory aspects, the labelling and the distribution. In this regard this is a detailed study for further analyzing the above mentioned topics, directed both to companies that already operate on the territory and to those who are interested in working in the organic industry.

The approach will be practical and functional and the objective will be to illustrate the norms regarding organic foods (up to the recent normative news established by UE Reg. 2018/848) first, and secondly to answer the questions of the operators.